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Who is Jon Fetherston?

Who is Jon?

Jon is a husband of 32 years, father of 2 adult children. He is an advocate for the Autism Community, as Jon’s oldest son is on the spectrum. Jon is a lifelong public servant, starting service projects dating back to Middle School in Ohio to present day. Jon is a life long Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals fan and has adopted the New England Patriots as his favorite team, other than the Bengals. Jon has a career experience in Finance, Banking and the Hospitality industry. Jon’s current role is in Community Outreach. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, reading about history and spending time in Southern Maine.

Jon has unappareled experience in local politics and public service. Jon has been the Chairman of the Ashland Board of Selectman, Board of Health, Redevelopment Authority, Affordable Housing Trust, Affordable Housing Committee, ASHPAC, Coalition for Teens. Jon also serves as the President of the Charles River Rotary Club, in his fourth term. He also holds two important Gubernatorial appointments. He serves as an Ashland Housing Commissioner, originally appointed by Governor Patrick and then re-appointed by Governor Baker. He was also just reappointed on Governor Bakers last day in office to serve his third term as a MAPC Commissioner. Jon previously served as the Chairman of the MetroWest Growth Committee and the MetroWest Regional Collaborative. Jon is also a Massachusetts Notary Public and Justice of the Peace. Jon also serves a volunteer with the Red Cross and as a member of the Age Well Framingham Community. Jon also served as Moderator of the 2012 and 2016 MassGOP Presidential Caucuses.

Jon has a long career in radio and tv. Starting as a teenager on the radio as a teenager in Cincinnati, then moving to New York and eventuality to Boston. Jon has hosted All Politics is Local on radio and tv the last 15 years. Jon could be heard throughout New England on the radio and currently still does TV, seen regionally through out Central Massachusetts. Jon has always had a bipartisan approach to his guests on radio and tv. Treating all with respect, but with zero time for hypocrisy and untruthfulness. All Politics is Local is a multiple time winner of Talk Show of the Year by ACM-NE. Jon also had the honor of hosting his program on stage to kick off the recent New England Patriots Super Bowl Rally at Gillette Stadium.

Jon is a lifelong long Proud Republican. Having voted for the first time in 1984 for Ronald Reagan, who is the guiding force in Jon’s public service career. Jon has helped dozens of local candidates running for local office over the years, as either Chairman or advisor to campaigns. If you ask Jon to help with your campaign, you better buy a couple pairs of good shoes, as Jon is an avid door to door campaigner. Jon is also a supporter of Grover Norquist and has signed the new Tax Pledge. Jon has worked on may state and federal campaigns, spending countless hours door knocking, making phones calls, writing and editing campaign literature and managing social media.

Jon is the best choice for MassGOP Chair. If you want a leader who knows how to win races, raise money, speak to the media, has a plan for early and vote by mail and will be a respected leader, then VOTE Jon for MassGOP Chair.

Follow Jon on Twitter @LocalPoliticsis

Cell phone 508-816-6674 Email:


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