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Fetherston announces run for MassGOP Chair

Press Release

Monday November 14, 2022

Jon Fetherston, a lifelong proud Republican announces bid for MassGOP Chair.

Fetherston, of Ashland Massachusetts is a long time elected local and state official. Fetherston has served as the Chairman of the Ashland Board of Selectman, Board of Health, Redevelopment Authority, as a Governor Baker appointee to the Ashland Housing Authority along with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to name just a few of his roles in government. Fetherston is the current President of the Charles River Rotary Club. Fetherston is also a strong advocate for the Special Needs Community and a tireless worker on the issue of Affordable Housing issue in the Commonwealth. Fetherston is also the long-time radio and tv host of All Politics is Local and co-host of the Official Podcast of the MassGOP.

“It's time to try a different way with the MassGOP.”

“My years of experience on the local level and running campaigns along with my experience of team building and raising money will benefit the party. I lead by example and I will work with anyone that wants to lead to a productive outcome. I also have the ability to work with those who do not agree and still get positive results for the greater good.”

“Also, my proven my ability to recruit candidates and support the local town committees will also be an asset. I also have the needed public speaking presence and ability to understand how the media works, as I have twenty plus years of experience in the industry, and know how to best promote the image of the Republican party in Massachusetts.”

“MassGOP also needs to develop an early voting and vote by mail strategy. It is obvious that we have not as a party addressed this important component.”

“The Republican Party is the party of the working class, the party of freedom, supports the police along with law and order, supports children and their education, along with highlighting accountability on how all of our tax dollars are being spent. The one-party rule in Massachusetts benefits no one and it’s time to rebuild the party from the ground up.”

“The MassGOP’s role is to recruit, train candidates and raise money for effective campaigns. I am the person who will do that.”

“Vote Jon Fetherston. He will do it Right!”

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