Where is the Leadership for our Children?

Good lord! It’s been a month since the unimaginable tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

17 people murdered at a place that is supposed to be a safe place.

How is it that nothing has been done in the weeks since to make our children safe?!

I attended Senator Ed Markey’s town hall meeting in Framingham and I personally asked him to go back and discuss it on the Senate floor. He promised he would, yet we are still waiting ?!?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is holding the same style town hall meetings, but zero leadership on the Senate floor. This country has a huge and growing mental health crisis and yet all we get is words and no action from our leaders. Both political parties need to look in the mirror and do what is best for our children. President Trump’s idea of arming teachers is not the answer, but placing retired police officers in the schools is. Increasing funding and raising awareness of the mental health crisis is something that should have happened by now. We have burdened our children with crippling student loan debt, an opioid crisis, a growing Autism epidemic, teenage unemployment, Social media pressure few adults can understand, and now our children live in fear of being murdered at school. Yes, it’s a gun and mental health issue, but more importantly, it’s a lack of leadership issue and I am disgusted and worried sick for our children. I just wish our “leaders” were!

Jon Fetherston